Tube Benders with Mandrel

Brennan Machinery Inc., official Ercolina importer in Canada offers this great selection of NC and CNC tube benders with mandrel. Click on a machine below to see features and video of the machine in action. If you aren’t sure what you need, contact us and we will walk you through which tube bender will best suit your requirements.

NC Mandrel Machines

030 Tube Benders with Mandrel
MG030 Mandrel Bender
64 x 3 mm Capacity

TM76 Mandrel Bender
76.2 x 3.2 mm Capacity

CNC Mandrel Machines

erco bender eb76 cnc6
Erco Bender 76
76.2 x 2 mm Capacity

GB90CNC Giga Bender
90 x 5.5 mm Capacity

GB100CNC Giga Bender
120 x 5.3 mm Capacity

GB130CNC Giga Bender
141.3 x 4.7 mm Capacity

GB180CNC Giga Bender
168.3 x 5.7 mm Capacity